Plastic products since 1959

Kauppayhtymä Ujanen Oy has been manufacturing plastic plugs and other plastic parts since 1959. Our modern manufacturing methods, our steel hard knowledge and knowhow and the machinery of 32 units offer sufficient capacity. Our efficient and comprehensive warehouse serves quickly and flexibly and we keep our promised delivery times.


We follow a quality system in accordance with the ISO9001-2015 standard and strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations.

Quality is important to us, so we are constantly developing our quality level. The company's management has a long experience in the plastic industry. New employees receive thorough job guidance and, if necessary, the opportunity for voluntary training. The reliability of the machinery is one of our cornerstones. Our modern machines with many accessories are regularly serviced and the molds are handled with care and attention. Each employee is responsible for the quality of their own work phase. With testing equipment and continuous monitoring, we guarantee flawless products.



All plastic material is utilized in production and packaging materials are reused. Other waste is sorted and recycled, converted into energy or delivered to an authorized handler.